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4 Fruit Packaging

4PB 4 Fruit Packing

4PB Pear Tray

600 per box, 12,000 per pallet

L 195mm, W 165mm, H 45mm

4 Kiwi Fruit Packing

4 Kiwi

720 per box, 14,400 per pallet

L 170mm, W 135mm, H 40mm

4M Fruit Packing

4M 4 Cavity Square Nectarine

676 per box, 13,520 per pallet

L 165mm, W 143mm, H 42mm

4MS In-line Fruit Packing

4MS 4 Cavity in-line Nectarine

480 per box, 9,600 per pallet

L 265mm, W 80mm, H 40mm

Like the 4M, but straight

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4GB Fruit Packing

4GB 4 Cavity Square Large Nectarine

507 per box, 10,140 per pallet

L 165mm, W 160mm, H 35mm

4GS In-line Fruit Packing

4GS In-Line

540 per box, 10,800 per pallet

L 330mm, W 85mm, H 45mm

Like the 4G, but in a line

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4 Apricot

4 Apricot

1,675 per box, 33,500 per pallet

L 115mm, W 115mm, H 25mm

Just right for Apricots

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4 Plum Packing

4 Plum

1,440 per box, 28,800 per pallet

L 130mm, W 130mm, H 30mm

For Plums!

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Donut Peach Packing

Donut Peach

720 per box, 14,400 per pallet

L 258mm, W 81mm, H 40mm


*All ESPulp is available in Black or Kraft